First Prize in Anand Flats New Year Poem Competition on Patriotism

                                   By Manasa.G (D1-47)   


I do not know why you choose me
To be your child of pride
But what I do  know is your deep, unusual history
That makes you the best, an unexplained mystery

For if I was not born here ,
All my life, I would’ve lived with fear
I wouldn’t have seen great monuments or bullock carts
I wouldn’t have heard grandma stories or splendid arts
I wouldn’t have  had the knowledge I have now
That keeps other countries just wondering how

So, here is my PROMISE,
That no foreigner will accomplish
Few years from now, I will stand out of the crowd
And you will hear people exclaim ‘her mother must be so proud’

For you are My mother, My India, My light